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Tanium 10

Introducing the Tanium 10: keeping up with our fast-paced industry

Welcome to The Tanium 10, our weekly roundup of the news that matters most to security and IT professionals. Each week, we spotlight the 10 stories, trend reports, and research that caught our eye—all to help you keep up with what’s happening in our fast-paced industry. We value your feedback. Once you’ve read this week’s insights, please email me here and tell me what you think.

The Tanium 10 (Image: Kati/Pixabay)

The Tanium 10 for the week ending June 2, 2017

  1. China is ready to start enforcing a new cybersecurity law. The law would require that companies store their data within China, and would impose security checks on companies in sectors like finance and communications. Individual users, meanwhile, would have to register with their real names to use messaging services. What’s your organization doing to prepare?
  2. Learn from Chipotle. Keep your POS systems safe from hackers. You’ll thank us in the morning.
  3. The Shadow Brokers — the crew which leaked the NSA-built Windows hacking tools and zero-day exploits that led to the WannaCry menace — is now peddling its wares via a subscription service. For a mere $21,000 per month you, too, can sign up to receive the latest zero-day exploits. A little informal market research on Twitter indicates strong interest on the part of security professionals, who would subscribe in order to perform analysis and offer responsible disclosure. A group of cybersecurity researchers launched a brief crowdfunding effort to raise the subscription fee demanded by the Shadow Brokers. The group raised $3,906.62 in 36 hours before cancelling the campaign due to legal concerns.
  4. Are you struggling to engage your business-side colleagues? Here are four tips to help you communicate with your non-tech stakeholders.
  5. The biggest barrier to government agencies implementing new technology: talent. That’s according to not just one, but two surveys out this week.
  6. What’s so smart about a city with no cybersecurity? Not much, according to the Securing Smart Cities report, which finds city officials may not be doing enough to enforce security basics as they’re swept away on the tide of exciting new smart city ideas.
  7. The artificial intelligence boom will lead to massive data collection. It’s time to figure out how to shield all that data.
  8. If you’re an Android fan, steer clear of third-party app stores. Amazon wants you to download its store, called Underground, but it requires you to allow installs from “unknown sources” not verified through the default Google Play store—opening a massive security hole. Then again, Google Play isn’t necessarily safe either. A suite of Android apps from a Korean company has infected more than 36 million devices with malware.
  9. Cybersecurity may be a top worry for businesses, but does that mean cybersecurity insurance is the best buy? Only 50% of security pros say their organization has purchased insurance. Have you?
  10. Does your IT security team spend precious time helping colleagues with personal computing problems? See why this habit could be costing your company up to $433,000 per year.

And another thing…

What do you do if you’re the billionaire who has everything? For Paul G. Allen, the answer is as simple as rocket science. Specifically: a ginormous aircraft designed to launch rockets into space at high altitudes.

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