Tanium Comply

Perform industry-relevant compliance checks and vulnerability scans on demand

Boost security hygiene, prepare for audits, and improve regulatory compliance by reducing the time needed to perform security configuration checks.

Very few attacks exploit endpoints using advanced malware or zero-day vulnerabilities. Instead, the most common opening for attack is simple operating system or application misconfiguration. Most organizations have invested in point tools to address these issues, but those tools were built for an era with fewer endpoints and less complexity. Traditional compliance tools simply can’t keep up at enterprise scale.


Assess endpoints against industry-standard benchmarks and get results on demand.
Prepare for audits by aggregating assessment results.
Support corporate mandates around proactive security across desktops, laptops, and servers.

Module features

Fulfill configuration hardening and vulnerability scanning portions of industry regulatory requirements, including PCI, HIPAA, and SOX.
Check systems against standards-based security benchmarks and vulnerability checks and get complete results in minutes – even in very large endpoint networks.
Use a single agent for configuration management, vulnerability assessment, remediation, system patching, and endpoint security.
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