Tanium Discover

Discover and help take control of unmanaged endpoints across end user, server and cloud environments.

Scan your environment for unmanaged endpoints in real time. Quickly take control of unknown endpoints or block endpoints from gaining access to your network through network access control (NAC) integrations.

Discover and Take Control of Rogue Endpoints

Get visibility and control over unmanaged endpoints in real time.

Modernized Discovery and Scanning

Scan for unmanaged assets in real time, regardless of where the device exists, in the cloud or on premises, with minimal impact on your infrastructure or network.

Unparalleled Control

Using existing NAC technologies, remotely control unmanaged assets and block rogue endpoints from connecting to the network.

Reveal Insights

Uncover detailed info on endpoints such as hostname, MAC and IP addresses, device manufacturer and OS and more.

Watch Tanium Discover in Action

Discover hidden vulnerabilities on unmanaged assets and rogue devices at scale.



How IT Visibility Gaps Leave Organizations Vulnerable


Tanium Discover Is a Key Component of Unified Endpoint Management

From asset inventory, patching and configuration management to performance monitoring and software management, Tanium’s solution suite enables organizations to manage end user, cloud and datacenter systems from a single, unified platform – all at massive scale.

Learn more about the solutions that comprise our Unified Endpoint Management offering.