Tanium Protect

Simplify management of native operating system security controls to protect endpoints from threats.

Create policies for unwanted executables and applications. Integrate with existing network access control (NAC) and antivirus tools to block network connections and prevent malware infections. Enforce drive encryption and control unauthorized USB usage.

Fortify Your Organization With Modern Endpoint Protection

Install and manage application, firewall, disk encryption and other native security controls from a single console.

Disk Encryption Management

Easily manage native OS drive encryption and removable media access across the enterprise.

Comprehensive Reporting

Schedule real-time reports of security configurations for every endpoint.

Unparalleled Endpoint Protection

Harden your endpoints using native security features such as network access limits, application control and antivirus blocks.

Watch Tanium Protect in Action

Consolidate all endpoint agents and harden your current endpoint environments for better overall security.



How to Manage Investment & Mitigate Risk with Unified Endpoint Management and Security


Tanium Protect Is a Key Component of Unified Endpoint Security

From sensitive data discovery and endpoint detection and response to vulnerability and configuration management, Tanium’s solution suite enables organizations to secure end-user, cloud and datacenter systems from a single, unified platform – at massive scale.

Learn more about the solutions that comprise our Unified Endpoint Security offering.