of companies lack the necessary skills to accurately detect cyber breaches in real time.

Tanium Resilience Gap Study

Time taken from attacker’s first action in event chain to asset compromise.

2019 DBIR Report Verizon

The average amount spent by organizations in 2019 to ensure data protection.

Tanium, Vanson Bourne Visibility Gap Study

of IT decision-makers discover unknown endpoints on a weekly or daily basis.

Tanium, Vanson Bourne Visibility Gap Study


Sensitive data is a high-value target and moves in unpredictable ways within large, complex IT environments.

Today, organizations are faced with an ever-expanding network, and the need to comply with rigorous, complex and punitive modern data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

These regulations not only require that businesses provide or delete individuals’ personal information upon request but in some cases, may impose restrictions on the transfer of data between countries.

Current solutions either don’t have the visibility needed for comprehensive data risk and privacy management or send personal information to centralized databases making data transit issues more pronounced.

Data Risk and Privacy by Tanium

Minimize Compliance Risk with Modern Data Privacy Management.

Tanium Reveal

Continually detect and manage sensitive data at rest on endpoints.