One Console. One Agent. Zero Infrastructure.

All the power of Tanium – now managed and delivered from the cloud.


Most endpoint management solutions are designed for office environments...the world the way it was. Tanium as a Service is designed for remote work environments...the world the way it is. This innovation and commitment to adapting to business needs is why I'm a three-time Tanium customer.

Ralph Loura Chief Information Officer, Lumentum

Putting the Needs of Our Customers Before the Bottom Line

Tanium as a Service was built to meet the needs of your business in a cloud-first, distributed environment.

Security and Reliability First

Every customer gets a single tenant instance of Tanium for increased security and reliability.

A Smarter Approach to Data

Tanium's architecture opens up unique capabilities that increase data quality and the speed in which it's delivered.

We Do the Heavy Lifting

We manage security, scalability, reliability, availability and performance, taking that load off of your engineers.

Do Everything in the Cloud

Tanium as a Service delivers the Tanium solution from the cloud. No on-premises infrastructure required.

Gain Control and Visibility of Your Endpoints Today

Because what you don’t know can hurt you.

According to a global survey conducted across over 1000 IT leaders, the greatest security challenge during the pandemic was the ability to identify remote endpoints. It’s no wonder 90% of those surveyed reported an increase in attacks.

Tanium’s unified endpoint and security platform helped customers through the rapid transformation of the distributed workforce caused by the pandemic. Our new zero-infrastructure deployment model offers all of the power of Tanium.

These benefits of the Tanium Platform are available to all customers:

Get Answers in Seconds

Ask questions in plain English to get the state of your endpoints, examine results and take action in real time.

Connect Your World with Ours

Enrich external or third-party systems with up-to-the-second data from the endpoints in your environment.

Make Great Decisions with Great Data

Enable continuous measurement and reporting on key security and operations metrics, such as patches and vulnerabilities.

Strengthen Zero Trust Initiatives

Connect to your favorite identity provider to further strengthen access control with Tanium's rich telemetry.

Reduce Lateral Movement Risk

Reduce lateral movement risk with real-time data visualizations that enable you to prioritize and remediate overly permissive admin rights.

Built-in Intelligence

Bring intelligence to your endpoints to increase the quality of data and the speed in which you receive it, wherever your endpoints exist.

Choose a Package That’s Right For You

IT Operations

Security, Risk & Compliance


Get visibility into the number and state of your endpoints.


Reduce your attack surface with comprehensive endpoint management controls.


Comprehensive management for end user, cloud and on-premises endpoints from a single console.

Asset Discovery & Inventory

Quickly discover and take control of hardware and software assets across the organization.

Software Management

Quickly install, update or remove software, at scale.


Patch Management

Simplify and accelerate patch management to reduce risk and improve IT hygiene.


Configuration Management

Understand the current state of endpoints to maintain compliance.


Performance Monitoring

Manage and sustain the operational performance of endpoints to improve end user experience.



Get visibility into the number and state of your endpoints.


Fortify endpoints with comprehensive EDR , vulnerability and configuration management.


Identify and protect managed and unmanaged devices, and detect, respond to and recover from threats and breaches.

Asset Discovery & Inventory

Quickly discover and take control of hardware and software assets across the organization.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Curtail disruption with automated threat detection, investigation and remediation.


Vulnerability and Configuration Management

Fix vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and unsanctioned changes quickly across endpoints.


Data Risk and Privacy

Mitigate data privacy risk by providing visibility and control across endpoints.


Endpoint Protection

Go beyond prevention – Resolve endpoint risk at the root of the problem.


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